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For Visa assistance and visa agents in kolkata call Safari Travels. A Visa processing agents in Kolkata. To apply for tourist visa, Business visa or visit visa to any country from India. A perfect Visa assistance center in Kolkata to process visa for travelling any country. visa application office in Kolkata for tourist or business visa to countries like Singapore, Malaysia, China, Bangladesh, Japan, Myanmar, UK, Sri Lanka, USA, Dubai, and European countries like France, Germany, Italy and few more on the list of countries can be arranged smoothly by us provided your travel documents are in order.

Visa by Country

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General Document To Process Visa Application:

VISA Form completely filled & signed.
Passport valid for at least 1 year from the date of travel.
Previous passports if held.
One clear photocopy of your passport (first & last page) should be submitted separately.
Photo as specified .
Covering letter addressing to the VISA Officer stating your reason of travel & who will bear the expenses (format enclosed) for each embassy on company/self letter head.
Stamped and signed bank statement for last 6 months of (co. & self) by bank manager with bank phone numbers, Fax and Email address of the Branch.
Memorandum and Articles, IT returns & Balance sheet of last 3 years of the company/self.
Leave certificate and PAY clip for salaried employees.
Sponsorship letter if visiting relatives.
Old Passport.
Personal assets details.
Shares / Demat account statement.
Foreign exchange purchase receipt / endorsement.
All financial papers must be notarized.
Travel Insurance.
Photocopies of below mentioned documents to be provided to the Embassy.


Leave certificate from school, ID card, Fee Book, Holiday list.


Original registration papers from foreign universities, education papers, Proof of fees deposited.


Wedding card, 6 engagement photos, No objection letter from girl’s father.

Important Notes

Please make sure that your passport is valid for at least 1 year from the date of travel, with available pages for visa and is not damaged, torn, faded etc.
Please make sure your passport has your recent photograph.
Original Covering Letter addressed to Embassy on Company Letterhead (If the applicant is working else on Business Letterhead) mentioning the name and the passport number of the applicant and also the places which will be visited by the applicant. If applicant revisiting the same country then the applicant has to specify the reason for 2nd time travel on Tourism grounds. If Covering letter on blank sheet then NOC from applicant working company, if applicant serving in organization.
If anyone inviting the applicant then we need invitation from the Invitee/Sponsor with Name, Address and Contact, Passport and Visa details of the Sponsor.
We recommend you take a travel insurance policy. This will insure you against delayed / lost baggage / loss of passport medical & accident coverage. Insurance id compulsory for Europe and many other countries. All documents should be photocopies of original papers Passport valid for more than 10 years may not be entertained by Schengen countries.
The processing time for visa applications varies from 2 days - 3 weeks. Visas are issued solely at the discretion of the visa officer.
The visa officer may require additional documents, if deemed necessary, before issuance / rejection of visa application.
The visa fee is non refundable.
Each case is reviewed separately at the time of application, and no guarantee can be given that a visa will be issued.
Please note that the above is not a final list of documents. If necessary, you may be requested to submit additional documents or to appear for a personal interview. Service charges will be billed as applicable.


We just a service provider company and does not hold any liability of granting visas. SAFARI TRAVELS can only submit & collect documents on your behalf. It is the Embassies / Consulates sole discretion to grant or reject the visa to the passengers. The Embassies / Consulate may require additional documents / personal interview from the applicant, the charges of which will have to be borne by the applicant & need to come to embassies / Consulates at their own expenses as and when required. We are no way held responsible for non issuance of visas.